Artist-Run Culture

Apologies for not writing sooner. My brain had been functioning on a sub-intellectual level as I searched for a job, but now that I’ve started working as a programming assistant for YYZ Artists’ Outlet in Toronto, not only can I resume thinking about art in a meaningful way, but I am gaining new insights into […]

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Power in Numbers: Why Spaces Should Work Together

I am enormously grateful for and supportive of all of the entrepreneurship that occurs within the art world. Entrepreneurial ventures allow the scene to maintain a sense of diversity. Different artists, styles, themes, mandates, practices–the variety present in Toronto’s selection of galleries ensures that there is something for everybody. The problem with entrepreneurial ventures, however, […]

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The Purpose of Art Education

Art education has always been a kind of paradox in my mind. Without qualifying my own thoughts, it never made sense to me to “teach” artists–I believed artistic talent was innate (and still do, though I’ve modified my position on art education itself.) It is actually comical that I not only go to art school, […]

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