Leveling Hierarchy and the Process of Neutrality

This essay was written for YYZ‘s exhibition of Dax Morrison’s The Willing and Able, on until Saturday, August 8, 2009. It’s a rare thing for galleries to find themselves as the subject of an artist’s exhibition. Yes, there have been plenty of artists who have staged interventions within a gallery space (Vito Acconci); some who […]

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Microgrants: The Future of Art?

Wooster Collective recently asked their readers, “If I gave you $50 today, with the condition that you had to spend it on ‘art’, what would you do with it?” They received immediate feedback, and though it wasn’t their intention when they asked, they decided to give $50 to the individual behind one of their favourite […]

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Who is Dudeck’s Messiah?

In the past, art’s marriage to religion was paradoxically logical, functioning as a tool of communication and even intimidation—bullying to incite belief. But where, in the last two hundred years, when art has transcended its relationship with the church, does art fit into this niche anymore? What is left to believe in? The configuration of […]

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