Canadian Identity

As a long-time fan of Douglas Coupland, I bought both Souvenir of Canada books as soon as they were available. I read them both cover to cover but remained fairly neutral about either of them. There were parts that reminded me of the Canada I know, and other parts that felt as foreign to me […]

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The Future of Conceptual Practice?

Here is an essay that I wrote for a Conceptual Practices class. The assignment required me to consider what the future of conceptual practice might look like. My paper could use a lot of refining but I think there are a few interesting ideas here about the body’s relationship to art. I’d be curious to […]

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Gruppo 63

This is a presentation report that I did for my Art of Europe: 1960s to 1990s class last semester. It’s one of the few papers I wrote in the last few months that is appropriate to share here — a lot of my assignments were more exercise than essay. The Grand Subversion: Gruppo 63 and […]

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