Free Admission in France

I was excited about the prospect of free-for-under-25 for the National museums in France until I remembered that I wasn’t 25 anymore. Truly, however, this is great news, and it’s a policy I hope other institutions feel moved to implement, particularly in Toronto (and at least for students). From the Associated Press [and mirrored in […]

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Lies & Life

I don’t claim to have a deep understanding of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, or of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but in reading The Social Contract I came upon a passage whose startling prescience speaks to the injustice of land stolen by states: Is it enough to put one’s feet on a piece of common land in […]

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Bravo! Town Hall: Does Art Matter?

Bravo! is hosting a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, September 28 at 3pm at the Masonic Temple (888 Yonge St. at Davenport Rd.) I recommend you RSVP and attend if you have something to say, or are interested in what other voters are saying about the value of arts in Canada. From the website: Space […]

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