Mined (Departures)


I’ve been out of the loop with art news this week but the few stories that did catch my eye were all about leaving in some form of another.

It’s Charlie Hill’s last week at the National Gallery of Canada,¬†where he has been the curator of Canadian art since 1980. Katerina Atanassova has been named as Hill’s successor.

This year, like last, a number of projects that were installed for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche remain on view throughout the holiday weekend. How do they fare in the light of day? It’s nice to see a post-Blanche review; so seldom is the event critically reflected upon after sunrise. (One of my favourite in-depth considerations of large-scale art festivals such as Nuit Blanche is PUBLIC Journal‘s Civic Spectacle issue).

MOCCA’s ten-year lease is within ten months of ending; its future is uncertain.


Open Mind by Yoan Capote. Image by Jack Landau.

Marissa Neave

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