Thesis Project: TINYGRANTS

Well, it’s official. I was so moved by the effects of spending $50 on art that I am venturing to develop a model for microgranting the arts in Canada for my Criticism and Curatorial Practice thesis at OCAD. My project will have three major components: researching microfinance, arts funding policy and relational aesthetics; creating a […]

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Good News! Balint Zsako in Toronto

Balint Zsako‘s Old Master Paintings are showing in Toronto at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects from September 18th to October 18th. You may recall I interviewed Zsako about this series when he was showing them in New York. Here’s an excerpt: Although your new collage work continues to express themes you’ve often worked with — […]

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Toronto Palestine Film Festival ’09

This year, for the second year in a row, I am choosing TPFF over TIFF. There isn’t any particular reason why I began this tradition, except that last year, $50 got me into 10 TPFF screenings and it seemed like an incredible deal for festival action. I wasn’t sure what the quality of the festival […]

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