Canadian Identity

As a long-time fan of Douglas Coupland, I bought both Souvenir of Canada books as soon as they were available. I read them both cover to cover but remained fairly neutral about either of them. There were parts that reminded me of the Canada I know, and other parts that felt as foreign to me […]

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The Future of Conceptual Practice?

Here is an essay that I wrote for a Conceptual Practices class. The assignment required me to consider what the future of conceptual practice might look like. My paper could use a lot of refining but I think there are a few interesting ideas here about the body’s relationship to art. I’d be curious to […]

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Who is Dudeck’s Messiah?

In the past, art’s marriage to religion was paradoxically logical, functioning as a tool of communication and even intimidation—bullying to incite belief. But where, in the last two hundred years, when art has transcended its relationship with the church, does art fit into this niche anymore? What is left to believe in? The configuration of […]

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