Interview: Nicholas Knight

Not long ago, I raved about Nicholas Knight’s photography-based installation at Gallery 44. Here the artist answers some questions about process and content, and how the space at Gallery 44 led to an iteration of his work that may never have been executed otherwise. One of the things I loved about your show at Gallery […]

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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

In a refreshing departure from the U.S-heavy Western canon, Shifting Polarities highlights the contributions of Canadian electronic media artists such as Murray Favro, Vera Frenkel, Norman White and Jana Sterbak, among many others. The history Langill constructs is one she describes as uniquely Canadian, though in her conclusion she laments that it took until now […]

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The Language of Smell

Interesting inquiry from Russell Smith in Thursday’s Globe about the language we use to describe smells. All I was wondering about was categories of words, and why smells seem to fall into one category (metaphor or comparison) and other descriptors don’t. But, as a few linguists pointed out to me, I wasn’t entirely right in […]

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