Artist-Run Culture

Apologies for not writing sooner. My brain had been functioning on a sub-intellectual level as I searched for a job, but now that I’ve started working as a programming assistant for YYZ Artists’ Outlet in Toronto, not only can I resume thinking about art in a meaningful way, but I am gaining new insights into […]

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Oh! Nan Goldin’s Heartbeat.

Nan Goldin’s Heartbeat. At MOCCA. Soundtrack by Björk based on a Greek Orthodox mass. Haunting, passionate. Go immediately. Image Still from Nan Goldin’s Heartbeat.

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Power in Numbers: Why Spaces Should Work Together

I am enormously grateful for and supportive of all of the entrepreneurship that occurs within the art world. Entrepreneurial ventures allow the scene to maintain a sense of diversity. Different artists, styles, themes, mandates, practices–the variety present in Toronto’s selection of galleries ensures that there is something for everybody. The problem with entrepreneurial ventures, however, […]

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